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Launch a protected discount offer for military, first responders, nurses & teachers.

Verifying a customer’s group affiliation online is difficult. So how do you protect your military, first responder, nurse or teacher discount from fraud? Let us handle the verification for you! This AddOn verifies your customer’s group affiliation in seconds and distributes secure, single-use discount codes – all without the customer leaving your website. Acquire new customers and create customer loyalty while eliminating discount fraud.

  • Deploys seamlessly into your store theme;
  • Customize the verification flow with your brand logo and welcome message;
  • Creates single-use discount codes natively in your store for approved customers;
  • Mobile-friendly, fast and secure verification process;
  • Real-time verification for military, first responders, nurses, teachers and more.
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Exclusive DiscountsExclusive Discounts
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